Here Is What Our Clients and Other Attorneys Are Saying About Us

Here Is What Our Clients and Other Attorneys Are Saying About Us

“I never had any issues with obtaining advice or having my questions answered in a timely manner. Someone was always there to listen or to speak with me when I called.”
“I knew that if I needed help right away I could count on the Littman firm for assistance. As with most divorce situations my life became a roller coaster… I am so thankful Littman Family Law was on my side.”

Whitney Manning’s Testimonials

Whitney did an amazing job of explaining each step required during the process of divorce. She made certain that I understood the paperwork that was required. She did an outstanding job of representation.

Whitney was an excellent attorney to work with throughout the process of my divorce. I found that she always responded to me promptly. This level of availability and attention was very helpful. She was always honest and direct about the situation. I appreciated her integrity and forthrightness.

Whitney was wonderful to work with. She always gave me the proper amount of time that I needed for my case. I am pleased that I used your firm.

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David Littman

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Whitney Manning Attorney at Littman Family Law

Whitney Manning

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