Reasons Collaborative Law Will Work for You

Reasons Collaborative Law Will Work for You

Collaborative law is a growing area of Colorado family law that seeks to keep couples in control of their separation by collaborating with the help of experienced attorneys to reach a divorce agreement without the cost and uncertainty of protracted litigation.

Not only is settling your divorce in the courtroom a long, expensive and uncertain process, it takes key decision-making responsibilities out of your hands, and gives them to a judge. While some Denver divorce lawyers quickly suggest litigation is the only solution, we believe that being involved in a legal proceeding should not be the same as being “at war.” 

In a collaborative divorce, both sides agree to reach agreement on the key issues, with the help of their attorneys and other key professionals. This does not mean you have a good working relationship with your former spouse, or that there are not significant disagreements. It just means you recognize the many advantages of avoiding a long, drawn out, expensive and adversarial divorce in open court. 

Advantages of Collaborative Divorce in Colorado

At Littman family law, we have a deep understanding of the issues associated with children, family law and divorce, which is why we offer our clients alternatives to the litigation process. While we are trained litigators with extensive courtroom experience, we recognize a key benefit of hiring an experienced Denver divorce lawyer is to help remove some of the emotion from the process. This is one of the primary reasons why we believe in the collaborative approach. 

Other benefits of collaborative divorce include: 

Confidentiality: Your personal affairs stay out of the courtroom.

Customizable: Families are unique. Deciding key issues for yourself is always better than relying on a judge. 

Convenient: A divorce can be settled as quickly as you can reach agreement and proceedings can be worked around your schedule – not by court order.

Cost effective: From day one, your money is going toward settling your divorce, not preparing for litigation. 

Centered: It places emphasis on the long-term emotional and financial stability of you, your spouse and your children. Spouses and parents who reach mutually acceptable decisions on key issues are much more likely to live within the agreement moving forward. 

Collaborative Divorce Help in Denver

Collaborative divorce is not inferior to traditional litigation. In fact, separating couples who successfully reach resolution are typically more satisfied with the outcome, compared to couples who leave their fates in the hands of a judge. 

Nor is it for couples who have already reached substantial agreement on the issues.

These misconceptions result in far too many divorcing couples not considering a collaborative approach. Each participant will still be represented by an experienced Denver divorce attorney at every stage of the process. However, expenses are often reduced by sharing the cost of outside professionals, such as property appraisers and financial advisors, and by spending your time and money reaching an acceptable agreement with your former spouse rather than preparing to fight over the issues in open court.  

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