Canine Legal Assistant

Denver, CO



‘”I cannot wait until it is safe enough for me to meet and greet everyone in person. “Woof Woof!”

Ellie loves people and is looking forward to the time when she can begin welcoming clients and others to the practice in person. In the meantime she is greeting people when appropriate over Zoom and on the phone.

Her life had a rough beginning at a working cattle ranch in another state. Ellie was in a Border Collie herding training program. These pups were expected to learn to herd cattle. However, Ellie and several of the other Border Collie pups at the ranch had no interest in herding. They preferred to play and socialize. This behavior could not be tolerated as they were kept on the ranch as herding dogs, not family members and pets. Consequently, the rancher was not going to be able to sell these dogs to other ranchers for herding cattle or sheep. He became frustrated with these puppies who behaved more like the main character in Ferdinand the Bull than herding dogs.

The rancher planned to end their lives as they were of no value to his business. Fortunately, a good Samaritan became aware of his intentions and offered to place the puppies with a rescue organization. She found Connie and Chris of Breeder Release Adoption Service in Bon Carbo, Colorado (outside of Trinidad). They rescued the four puppies. David and Suzanne found Ellie on Chris and Connine’s website (www.r3erescue.org) and immediately initiated their successful adoption process.

Ellie has transitioned from being an untrained, literally wild older puppy, who was afraid of city life and backyards into a beloved, well-behaved member of the staff and the Littman-Wiggins household.

Ellie requests that if you are interested in opening your heart and home to one of the dogs at Breeder Release Adoption Service, please contact Chris and Connie at 719-845-0120 or email to connibouchard@gmail.com to begin their adoption process.


“I never had any issues with obtaining advice or having my questions answered in a timely manner. Someone was always there to listen or to speak with me when I called.”
“I knew that if I needed help right away I could count on the Littman firm for assistance. As with most divorce situations my life became a roller coaster… I am so thankful Littman Family Law was on my side.”


We Consider Our Clients Teammates

No one understands your situation better than you. At Littman, we value the opinions of the clients we represent and work with them to achieve what’s best for their family.