Denver High-Asset Divorce Attorney

Denver High-Asset Divorce Attorney

High Asset divorce cases require skilled professionals who have your best interests in mind

High-Asset Divorce and Significant Net Worth Attorneys

High-asset divorce cases can be incredibly challenging and last several months to even years before they end. At Littman Family Law, a Denver high-asset divorce attorney can help protect you and your high-value assets during your divorce. We understand the need to preserve your assets and have an excellent track record in achieving settlements that both parties can agree on to avoid accumulating expenses from a lengthy process.

High-asset divorce involves physical or financial assets that bring a significant net worth of many millions of dollars. For couples with a high net worth, extensive planning is necessary to prevent a high-asset divorce case from lasting for months on end due to the many assets that need dividing among parties. These cases require skilled professionals who have your best interests in mind.

We have experience with cases involving assets from the marital estate, such as:

  • Business assets (including partnerships)
  • Stock options and accounts
  • Inheritances
  • Real estate assets (including residential properties and investments)
  • A retirement account
  • Assets from trust funds

While dealing with precious assets during a divorce, we strive to make the litigation process go quickly so you can move on with your life and protect your name. We represent clients with high net worth and assets in Denver, Colorado, and the surrounding areas.

High-Asset Divorce Attorney Services in Denver, Colorado

We will defend you in or out of court and help negotiate the fair division of assets, so your divorce can end smoothly. Our team takes the necessary steps to help protect wealthy public figures divorcing in Denver by keeping your reputation safe and out of public speculation. Our services aim to simplify your high-asset divorce and reduce complications that can extend the negotiation process.

Our law firm will work with the necessary parties to help secure your marital assets from before and during your marriage. Littman Family Law’s lawyers have worked with private investigators, tax auditors, forensic accountants, and other professionals to uncover hidden assets, calculate the value of your business and assets, and more before presenting your high-asset divorce case to a judge. Our attorneys can work with these professionals and others to successfully aid you in your divorce case.

We pay attention to the specific details of your divorce to aid you in strategic property division. When inevitable disputes arise relating to differences in employment and earnings, we fight to defend you and protect your hard-earned assets or deal with these disagreements during the divorce process. If children are in the picture, we also keep their best interests in mind and use caution so as not to distress them further during what is an already confusing and stressful time for them.

Navigate Divorce Challenges with a Denver High-Asset Divorce Attorney

In Colorado, spouses have equal claim to marital assets, and separate property stays under the original owner; however, not all assets divide equally. Our 25 years of experience equip our team with the knowledge and preparedness to handle the complexities of high-asset divorce cases in Denver. Our lawyers will help you identify assets, categorize them appropriately, value them, and finally, a judge will distribute the assets among each spouse.

High-asset divorce cases are often significantly more complex than regular divorce cases due to the substantial amount of assets and their valuation. Because high-value assets may still bring income, this could create challenges in the divorce process when dividing them among you and your spouse. Other potentially challenging factors include children and differences in spousal income, but at Littman Family Law, our high-asset divorce attorneys have the necessary years of experience to help parties reach agreements over such sensitive issues as child custody and alimony.

At Littman Family Law, our divorce attorneys meet the challenges of these cases with determination and competence. When you need a Denver high-asset divorce attorney, our services are ideal for helping you with the challenges that come with a divorce of such caliber. We can help you with the following situations relating to your divorce:

  • Property division and distinction of the marital estate
  • Spousal or child support and maintenance
  • Adoptions
  • Marriage dissolution

Going through a high-profile divorce can be difficult without a Denver high-asset divorce attorney that has the experience you need to protect your assets. Littman Family Law possesses the experience and dedication to secure your assets and encourage a final settlement that meets the needs of everyone involved. Contact us to set up an appointment with a lawyer at 303-832-4200.

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