Denver Divorce Attorneys

Denver Divorce Attorneys

We believe that divorce can be amicable and mutually beneficial, and we work with our clients to achieve the best outcomes possible

Have a Denver Divorce Attorney on Your Side

Many people do not consider filing for divorce an easy choice, no matter the circumstances behind the decision. Emotions run high, tensions rise, and many different aspects can affect the entire process, which can feel overwhelming and difficult.

Choosing the right attorney is a vital part of your journey. You have many choices to help you achieve your goals, so you need to find a Denver divorce attorney that has the same objectives and values as you do. Some attorneys may immediately recommend litigation, while others will present you with several options, outlining the benefits and drawbacks of each.

At Littman Family Law, our goal aims to provide you with the legal counsel you require. We focus exclusively on family law, giving us the ability and experience to help you. We believe that our clients are part of the team and encourage them to actively resolve their legal problems.

We cover every aspect of the divorce proceedings while doing our best to avoid litigation and prolonged court battles. Divorce doesn’t have to be the end of a family; it can be a transitional phase where the outcomes benefit all the parties involved.

Why Choose Littman Family Law?

Our dedication and commitment to family law have made us one of the top small law firms in the country, according to U.S News and World Report. David Littman has received accolades from Super Lawyers, naming him a Top 100 Super Lawyer in his field.

However, our awards only play a small role in why we’re good at what we do. We believe that divorce can be amicable and mutually beneficial, and we work with our clients to achieve the best outcomes possible. If your case involves children, you’ll be glad to know that we use a range of strategies to reduce the trauma and stress of the divorce. Typically, in a divorce, the children tend to suffer the most, and our dedication to putting the children first makes us good at what we do.

We often encourage our clients to meet with several different attorneys before making their decision. We recommend that you consult with us to discuss your case at a reduced rate.  We will present you with options and give you the time and space to ask the questions you need

We view clients as active participants in the divorce proceedings, so we need to ensure that we’re the right fit for you. If our values and goals align with yours, then you can rest assured that you have a dedicated and committed Denver divorce attorney on your side.

Types of Divorce

When it comes to divorce proceedings, you have several different options to match your situation. Divorce doesn’t have to lead to litigation, and in many cases, it can be better to choose a divorce process that makes sense for your circumstances.

Uncontested Divorce

If both spouses want to get a divorce and agree to a division of assets and debts, then an uncontested divorce may be the right option. In an uncontested divorce, both parties generally have the same goal regarding dividing property and determining child custody.

During an uncontested divorce, both parties will hire separate attorneys. We’ll advise you on the law and provide guidance on issues that you may not have considered. We work with both spouses to draw up a mutually beneficial agreement and file it with the court.

In general, uncontested divorces are cost-effective and quick to resolve. It often leads to amicable solutions where both spouses get what they want.

Mediated Divorce

During a mediated divorce, both spouses hire only one lawyer, who acts as a mediator instead of representing one party’s interests. The attorney guides the parties through the process of resolving their disputes without going to court or starting litigation. It makes an excellent option for spouses who want a divorce but still want to preserve their relationship in the future.

Few divorce attorneys offer mediated legal services as they require specialized mediation skills. These skills take years of experience to develop as mediation requires a gentle and firm touch.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce encompasses a divorce process where the spouses and their attorneys control the proceedings. In many cases, spouses agree to a collaborative divorce to avoid litigation and prolonged court battles.

As the name implies, collaborative divorce requires collaboration between all the parties involved. It starts by identifying potential issues and roadblocks and planning a structure for the rest of the proceedings.

While not as amicable as an uncontested divorce, collaborative divorce proceedings usually prove less emotionally draining and time-consuming than opting for litigation.

Litigated Divorce

In some cases, it may be impossible for both spouses to reach an agreement about the divorce. The litigated divorce process starts with the attorney filing a petition for divorce and going through the process with you. You can expect many hearings and possibly a trial before a complete resolution.

We view litigated divorce as the last suitable option for divorce when all other avenues fail. This emotionally draining decision, fraught with tension, can take a long time to resolve. However, we’re with you at every step of the process, providing the guidance and legal services you need.

Legal Separation

A legal separation includes a formal proceeding similar to a divorce, except that the parties remain married after the proceedings. In the process, the spouses resolve their legal issues, including division of assets, properties, and debts, child custody, and maintenance, without taking the final step of formally dissolving the marriage.

Divorce Services

The divorce process has many facets to consider, including child custody, spousal support, and property division. These all fall under different legal services, but we offer a comprehensive package that addresses every aspect of your divorce.

Child Custody

Child custody has two main parts: deciding on parenting time and physical location (physical custody) and determining the primary decision-maker for the child (legal custody). If parents agree on the terms, then we can formally file the custody agreement with minimal hassle.

However, child custody often becomes a hotly contested topic, and sometimes, the family court needs to be called in to help. The court allows both parties to present their arguments and requests for custody before deciding the best solution for the child’s best interests. It’s a good idea to hire a Denver divorce attorney when dealing with a contested child custody case to ensure the best outcome for your child.

Child Support

While closely tied to child custody, child support is its own separate part of family law. In Colorado, the court generally sees both parents as equally responsible for the child’s financial support. In contested cases, the court has a robust formula to decide whether to order child support and the amount of support awarded.

You may find it necessary to request adjustments to child support as your circumstances change. Having legal advice can assist with getting results that are beneficial to you and your child.

Division of Property

Apart from child custody, division of property ranks as the most contested issue during divorce proceedings. The court takes several factors into account when deciding how to divide assets and property, including:

  • The presence or absence of a prenuptial agreement
  • The scope and value of the marital property
  • The present financial circumstances of each spouse

While the goal always aims to achieve a fair and mutually beneficial agreement, feelings run high when determining who gets what assets. Having a Denver divorce attorney on hand can make the process simpler and less stressful.

Alimony/Spousal Maintenance

Spousal support, or alimony, can be temporary or permanent depending on the financial circumstances of the parties. In addition, it can be modified in the future as circumstances change, such as job loss or remarriage.

Grandparent Rights

In many instances, grandparents may have to act as the child’s guardian if one or both parents can’t fulfill their obligations. If the parents are incarcerated, deployed overseas, or deceased, the grandparents may need to have formal visitation, guardianship, or legal custody of the child.

Divorce FAQ

How do I file for divorce in Denver?

You need to submit the relevant papers to your county’s Office of the District Clerk. In many counties in Colorado, this is now an online process instead of paper filing, which simplifies the process and makes it more convenient.

In general, if you have a Denver divorce attorney, they will handle all the filing and paperwork for you.

Do I need a Denver divorce attorney?

While you aren’t legally obligated to have an attorney when filing for divorce, it’s often a sound idea. Even in uncontested or collaborative divorce processes, parties may have disputes or lack the necessary skills to reach a consensus.

At this point, an experienced attorney can be a great asset. They can guide you through the legal process and identify any aspects that you may not have considered. Working with the right attorney can make the entire process faster and less emotionally draining.

Can divorces be non-combative and mutually beneficial?

Yes! In many instances, divorces happen due to two people drifting apart instead of any hostile intent. In these cases, we believe that working together with the other spouse remains the best option in resolving the matter quickly and effectively. Many spouses want to protect their relationship, either for their own sake or for the children, and a non-combative divorce makes the best way to move forward.

Due to their vulnerability, children often react badly to the emotional trauma of a messy divorce. Our main priority centers on protecting children as much as possible from the consequences and stress of a divorce, and we’ve found that non-combative divorces are significantly less traumatic.

Our legal team has years of experience conducting divorce negotiations for a wide range of situations. From highly complex and hostile cases to amicable and straightforward separations, we have the knowledge to provide the legal foundation for you to lean on.

Work With the Dedicated Denver Divorce Attorney Team

Littman Family Law has one sole focus: family law. We don’t take on personal injury suits or any other matters, allowing us to hone our family law experience. Our legal teams have worked with hundreds of families in many situations, and we can do the same for you.

Getting a divorce is a big and intimidating decision. Having the right legal team on your side will provide the guidance and support you need during this difficult and trying time. To find out more about our legal services, call us at (303) 832 4200 and schedule a consultation today!

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