Divorce Planning & Preparation: A Checklist

Divorce Planning & Preparation: A Checklist

Many people don’t wake up one day and file for divorce. Instead, ending a marriage is usually a thought-out decision, and those who file for divorce have typically spent at least some time thinking about it.

If you are contemplating divorce, or if you have made the decision to divorce, here are some things you can do before you file. If you take even some of these steps, you can better protect your interests going forward. You may even be able to set your divorce case up for a better outcome.  In cases where both parties can recognize that they and their children would be better off living apart, consider working with a family divorce therapist to aid in each family member’s adjustment to a new living circumstance.

Your Divorce Planning Checklist

This checklist is divided into three parts, based on different aspects of divorce cases and what’s generally important for them.

Divorce Planning Checklist: Important Documents

Get a copy of these key documents and keep them in a safe, easily accessible spot. These documents can be extremely helpful when you file for divorce and as your case proceeds.

  • Mortgage documents
  • Insurance documents
  • Credit card statements and loan documents
  • Titles, deeds, and other ownership papers
  • Bank statements and retirement account statements
  • Stocks, bonds, and investment documents
  • Tax returns and paystubs
  • Social security records
  • Passports and birth certificates
  • Other important documents, like prenuptial agreements

Divorce Planning Checklist: Financial Matters

  • . Colorado law makes a detailed credit report available once each year.
  • In cases where you believe there is a realistic threat of harm to you or your children, consider consulting with a domestic violence expert to develop an escape plan
  • In cases where you believe there is a realistic threat of harm to you or your children, consider keeping vital documents, some cash, clothing, and other necessities in a place away from your house where you can access what you need very quickly.
  • Investigate potential living arrangements away from the marital residence.

Divorce Planning Checklist: More Potential Considerations

Depending on your circumstances, you may want to take some additional steps—beyond collecting documents and taking care of some financial matters—before you file for divorce. Here are some other issues, presented via questions to ask yourself, as you are preparing for a divorce filing:

  • Do I need a temporary and/or permanent restraining order? Should I be prepared for my ex to seek these orders against me (if so, will I need a new place to stay)?
  • Do I need (or will my ex-request) temporary spousal support?
  • Do I need (or will my ex-request) temporary child support?
  • Can I stay in the family home, or will I need to move out (before or after filing for divorce)?
  • What are my goals in divorce?
  • Who will be my support network moving forward?

No matter which of these issues may apply to you, you can get experienced representation and strategic support in Colorado divorce from Littman Family Law and Mediation Services.

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