Colorado’s COVID Divorce Cases on the Rise

Colorado’s COVID Divorce Cases on the Rise

There is every indication that a record number of couples will choose to divorce as they begin their new life in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Financial strain and the challenges of childcare during the pandemic are two reasons couples are citing when deciding to end a marriage. The BBC reports lawyers in the U.K. are fielding more than twice as many inquiries about divorce this autumn. In the United States, divorces are up more than 30 percent, and court dockets are crowded as judges deal with a backlog of cases.

Lawyer Monthly recently reported that an end to lockdowns and a healthy job market are fueling an increase in divorce as the world attempts to recover from the pandemic. But in many cases the catalysts for divorce have been similar to those faced by empty nesters: Prolonged periods of forced interaction without life’s daily distractions have uncovered many of the fault lines often cited when older couples divorce after children leave the home: Different interests, magnified differences and a growing distance from one another that can no longer be ignored.

In other cases, our Denver divorce attorneys know resentment over the disparity in childcare and household responsibilities has led to a decision to separate. And in still others, mental health and substance abuse issues have also made relationships unsustainable for many living with COVID realities.

Denver Divorce: Proper Planning is Essential

Unlike empty nesters though, couples divorcing during the prime of their work lives face additional challenges, particularly when children are involved. Consulting an experienced Denver divorce attorney is best done before announcing your plans to your spouse.

Those considering divorce may consult our Divorce Planning and Preparation Checklist. The smoothest divorces are best done with planning and forethought.

Our experienced divorce attorneys in Denver know many divorces do not have to be overly contentious. In fact, hiring an experienced family law firm can help replace some of the emotion with rational decision making. However, it is important to understand that your best interests may not align with your spouse’s best interests, or at least what he or she perceives as being in their best interest.

Hiring an experienced advocate is essential to your long-term well-being. Some general advice for divorcing couples in Colorado may include:

  • Unless you are in an abusive situation, leaving your home or children before consulting an attorney may not be the best resolution, and may even put you at a disadvantage in property or custody negotiations.
  • Gathering paperwork, including tax returns, bank statements, mortgages and deeds, pay stubs, and pension benefits, is a process often best done before announcing your intentions.
  • Withdrawing retirement income or moving assets is always best done after careful consultation with an experienced law firm.
  • Answers to questions about spousal or child support are case specific; Internet research will not give you a clear picture of your financial situation.
  • Nothing will replace the advice of an experienced family law firm when it comes to preserving your assets and future quality of life. An experienced divorce attorney is usually well worth the investment.

Amicable Separations – Alternative Dispute Resolution

Collaborative law, mediation and arbitration are options that offer couples a way to avoid court, and complete an agreeable separation plan with a minimum of acrimony. These alternative dispute resolutions can be quicker, more private, and less costly than traditional divorce, but it is a mistake to think they can be best accomplished without an experienced Denver divorce attorney advocating for your rights.

We believe that divorce can be amicable and mutually beneficial, and we work with our clients to achieve the best outcomes possible. If your case involves children, we use a range of strategies to reduce the trauma and stress of the divorce.

At Littman Family Law, we know choosing a divorce lawyer is an important personal decision and we often encourage our clients to meet with several different attorneys before making their decision. We offer a consultation session to discuss your case, present you with options, and give you the space to ask the questions you need.

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