Denver Child Custody Enforcement Attorney

Denver Child Custody Enforcement Attorney

Child custody cases are often mired in emotions and stressful interactions, we can intervene on your behalf for fair negotiation

Protect Your Rights with an Experienced Denver Child Custody Attorney

Most parents consider determining custody of children as probably the most contentious and stressful legal matter. When deciding legal arrangements for parenting and custody decisions, parents often have difficulty agreeing with one another.

In these instances, having the counsel and representation of a Denver child custody enforcement attorney can prove invaluable. If negotiating these decisions proves difficult for you, a child custody attorney can help you navigate the laws, expectations, and custody legal matters you face. The attorneys at Littman Family Law have the skills to help you with various legal issues regarding divorce, including child custody matters.

Issues in Colorado Child Custody Decisions

A wide variety of issues affect parents and children in a custody agreement. Negotiating these can be quite stressful and ultimately prove to be more than you can arrange independently. However, we can help with these issues, safeguarding your child’s well-being in this new phase of life.

Parenting Time

Many factors influence the amount of parenting time you have with your children. Some considerations include:

  •       The distance you can live from the child’s other parent
  •       Choices about the upbringing of the child including schooling, extra-curricular activities, religion, healthcare, etc.
  •       Access to information about the child
  •       Workable schedule
  •       Vacations
  •       Communication challenges and failures
  •       Needs of child changing

Enforcing Child Custody

Child custody is a legal decision of the court and must be followed. But what happens when a parent does not follow the guidelines? This situation likely signifies you need to call a Denver child custody enforcement attorney to help you petition the court to intervene.

Determining Child Support Amounts

Multiple factors influence the amount of child support payments. The Denver court system supplies worksheets to estimate child support, but it still remains a complicated process. Let’s review some of the factors that affect child support payments.

  •       Number of children and ages of children
  •       Any childcare costs
  •       Combined gross income of parents
  •       Educational costs
  •       Health insurance costs
  •       Total of overnight stays with each parent annually

Sometimes, a child support payment needs to be modified because of a change in life circumstances. We can also help you petition for a change to child support payments for valid reasons, such as the diagnosis of an illness, loss of a job, a change in medical costs for the child, a significant difference in the income of a parent, or the change in the number of overnight stays with a parent.

Legal Child Support Enforcement

The state of Colorado offers several legal methods to enforce child support payments for the custodial parent. As part of the collection of payments for child support, the state will:

  •       Garnish wages
  •       Suspend a driver’s license
  •       Place a lien on a car, home, or property
  •       Deny a passport
  •       Suspend an occupational license

Refusal to pay court-ordered child support can also result in jail time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Child Custody Enforcement

How is the home state of the child determined?

When the parents live in different states, determining the home state of the child involves:

  • The child should have lived with a parent in that state for at least six months
  • The child has significant family and friend connections in the state
  • Safety concerns exist for the child to remain in that state

Can a child choose where to live?

The court sometimes considers the wishes of the child, but more weight rests on the safety of living conditions, geographic location, work schedule, and other factors when deciding where the child lives most of the time.

When is custody of the child decided?

The two types of child custody orders include temporary and permanent. Temporary orders generally stay in effect until both parents agree to all decisions. Permanent orders mean that parenting decisions have been made, and both parents agree to the final custody order.

Why You Need a Denver Child Custody Enforcement Attorney

An experienced Denver child custody enforcement attorney understands what the court and custody experts look for concerning decision-making to protect the interests and well-being of the child. At Littman Family Law, we know that a child custody case is mired in emotions and stressful interactions, so we can intervene on your behalf for fair negotiation.

We will help you work through the legal implications and specifics when navigating a child custody arrangement. Let us handle the interactions with the opposing counsel and court, negotiating a fair settlement in custody matters, and gathering and presenting evidence should you need it.

The experienced attorneys at Littman Family Law will partner with you to ensure that your voice is heard throughout the child custody process. Contact us at (303)832-4200 or send us an email to schedule a consultation. We are here to help!

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