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A divorce can be a challenging time for anyone, especially if child custody is an issue. The court’s decision will impact how much time you have with your child for the next several years. Don’t go through this situation alone — make sure you have a trustworthy Denver child custody attorney by your side to help you make your case.


A child custody case is often complicated and multi-faceted, with several different facets for the court to consider. At Littman Family Law, we support you every step of the way to resolve your child custody issues and put your children’s needs first.

Types of Child Custody

Before you ever set foot in a courtroom, you should familiarize yourself with the different types of child custody. The two main types that exist in Colorado are:

  •         Physical custody
  •         Legal custody

As you might expect, physical custody involves which parent the children live with at any given time. Legal custody involves which parent can make legal, medical, educational, and other decisions for the children until they reach adulthood.


Depending on the family situation, courts may divide both physical and legal custody into several different arrangements. In many cases, one parent will retain both legal and physical custody, but this isn’t true for every child custody case.


  •     Alternating custody: both parents retain legal and physical custody at different times.
  •     Joint custody: both parents retain legal and physical custody over the child at the same time.
  •     Shared custody: both parents retain legal custody over the child but hold physical custody at different times.
  •     Sole custody: just one parent retains legal and physical custody.
  •     Split custody: each parent retains full custody over different children.


In today’s family law courts, fewer cases award alternating and shared custody, as these arrangements can be difficult for the child. The Denver child custody attorneys at Littman Family Law always work to put the needs of your children first, and Denver divorce courts follow this philosophy as well.

Parenting Time

Your child custody lawyer in Denver will educate you on the finer points of parenting time and responsibility. In actuality, “child custody” is an outdated term. Today’s courts use the term “allocation of parental responsibility” to refer to the same concept.


No decision made in a divorce court is made lightly. When deciding parental custody and responsibility, your Denver child custody attorney will fight for both your preferences and those of your child. The court will also consider the wishes and history of both parents and all children involved.


For example, if one parent has a known history of drug use, criminal conduct, or neglecting responsibilities, the court will weigh in favor of the more responsible and stable parent. If the children involved in the custody battle are old enough to state their preferences, their wishes will also play a role.


Of course, if one parent wants more or less parenting time, the court will also consider their wishes. However, the court will always work to find a solution that favors the long-term health and wellbeing of the entire family.

Decision-Making Responsibilities

Parenting time and legal decision-making power are not necessarily mutually inclusive. Even if both parents alternate physical custody of the child, one may retain sole decision-making power. This is especially common if the parents have historically been unable to make joint decisions for their children.


Similarly, if the court deems one parent unable to make decisions in the best interest of the child, this parent may lose legal custody. In some cases, a court determines a modification to existing custody arrangements based on historical behavior by one or both parents.

Why You Should Work with Littman Family Law

Divorce is a complicated and sometimes painful process, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Hiring a professional Denver child custody attorney is always a good idea. At Littman Family Law, our experienced team always makes an effort to take things another step further. We want to put our legal experience to work to help find a solution for you and your children.


If negotiations with your ex-spouse are not going well, don’t forget that we offer mediation services, too. While legal mediation should not be your first course of action, sometimes it’s necessary to ensure a smooth transition and the wellbeing of everyone involved.


When you need the services of a Denver child custody attorney, we’re ready and willing to assist you. Contact Littman Family Law at (303) 832-4200 or send us an email to start the consultation process.

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