Denver Civil Protection Order Lawyer

Denver Civil Protection Order Lawyer

When you or your children need protection from domestic violence, threats, harassment or possible parental kidnapping, we can help.

Restraining Orders in Colorado

When threats or violence occur in a domestic matter, we will assist you in obtaining a civil protection order (commonly referred to as a restraining order) against the other party.

Littman Family Law will carefully discuss with you the level of danger and help you determine whether a protection order is appropriate. We are also prepared to help you obtain a violence assessment to protect you and keep your children safe.

Obtaining A Protection Order In Colorado

When issuing a protection order, the Colorado courts look at the following:

  • Is there “imminent danger” if contact between the parties continues? In other words, is serious harm about to occur if one party is not legally restrained?
  • Is the danger likely to continue?

Obtaining a protection order is not easy and the advice of the qualified attorneys at Littman Family Law will guide you through the process to make sure that the safety and best interests of your family are protected. If a protection order has been wrongfully obtained, we will fight aggressively to limit the damage caused by the order and help you resume your role as a parent for your children.

Understanding And Skilled Legal Counsel For Denver Clients

We work with families in the Denver metro area and throughout the rural and mountain counties of Colorado. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers so that you may be protected. Call 303-832-4200 or send us an email.

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