Denver Child and Family Investigators

Denver Child and Family Investigators

Children are often caught in the middle of divorce disputes. Their needs and desires are often lost in the midst of parental conflict. Parents in highly conflicted matters are often convinced that each knows what is in their children’s best interests and these opinions often differ.

Child And Family Investigator/Child Legal Representative

Colorado has several options to address the needs of families involved in divorces. Two strong options for protecting the interests of a child are the court appointment of a Child and Family Investigator (CFI) or a Child Legal Representative (CLR).

“David Littman brings a much needed educational and therapeutic sensibility to the demanding role of a Child and Family Investigator. His ability to integrate those dynamics with the statutory framework in which we must all work is a hallmark of the service he provides.” — Client testimony

Providing Child And Family Investigator Services

David Littman has the specialized education and training necessary to serve as CFI in your case. A CFI is appointed for the child by the court and reports directly to the court on the child’s best interests. He is appointed either by agreement of the parties or Court Order as soon as it becomes evident that parents cannot agree on parenting issues.

In the role of CFI, he writes a report to the court and may be called as a witness at a hearing. He has approximately 30 years of experience in working with children and their families in this capacity, first as a guardian ad litem, then as a Special Advocate and now as a CFI. He works hard to assure that the best interests of children are protected in divorce actions. He is well respected by judges, magistrates, clients and his peers in the Metro Denver community and in outlying areas.

David has special training in child development and mental health, having earned advanced degrees in counseling psychology and behavioral science. He can also act as an advisor in collaborative divorce cases, if needed. One important role of the CFI is to recommend a parenting plan to the court. While all parenting plans are difficult to develop as they involve the balancing of a multitude of factors, parenting plans for infants and toddlers are particularly complex. David strives to remain current in the latest developmental and neuroscientific research and literature concerning this area.

Accepting Child Legal Representative Appointments

While it is less common, a child may have an attorney appointed as his or her legal representative. The CLR acts in the child’s best interests. Providing this type of representation for the child allows the child to have a lawyer acting in his or her best interests in the court process. The CLR assures that the child’s opinions and concerns are heard and that his or her needs are considered. A CLR may be appointed when there are significant financial issues concerning children in a divorce action.

These issues may involve the management of a trust, the extension of child support beyond age nineteen for a disabled child and other matters requiring an experienced legal advocate. A CLR can also play an effective role for to address the unique issues of teenagers impact by the divorce process.

To learn more about appointing David as a CFI or CLR, please contact Littman Family Law. Contact us by phone at 303-832-4200 or by filling out an intake form.

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