Denver Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Denver Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Through the use of Collaborative Law you decide the outcome of your case instead of the judge.

Avoiding Court

Collaborative Law Services for Colorado Residents

Divorce is usually a difficult and painful process for all involved, especially for children. One of the newer areas of family law, called collaborative divorce law, is a process where both parties agree to seek solutions to their legal issues by working together, rather than against each other. The goal is to minimize the emotional and financial damage to parents and children by addressing problems unique to each situation in a calm and thoughtful manner.

At Littman Family Law, in Denver, Colorado, some of our attorneys received training in collaborative law and family mediation. We understand the emotions involved with divorce and family law issues, but also understand how those emotions can complicate the legal process. We will work with you to find workable solutions that suit the unique needs of your family, and we will help you avoid going to court.

Benefits Of A Collaborative Divorce

  • Greater control: Enables the parties to retain maximum control of the process of divorce, rather than adhering to the decisions made by a judge who lacks the personal knowledge of your situation.
  • Financial savings: We have seen far too many families spend their children’s college education funds on legal fees. This process enables families to work through the problems of divorce in a rational and economical fashion.
  • Common-sense approach: This method focuses on solving a problem rather than fighting a needless battle. The goal is to support individuals and families going through divorce in a manner that is productive in resolving issues and moving forward.
  • Puts children first: Children are often caught in the middle of a divorce or custody battle. This method allows a more amicable solution to issues and spares the emotions of the entire family.

Contact Us If You Are Seeking An Uncontested Divorce

If collaborative divorce sounds like it would work for your situation, contact us at 303-832-4200 or complete our brief online form for more information or to set up an initial consultation with an attorney. Let us use our Denver collaborative divorce lawyers to help you through this difficult time.

We can only represent one party in the collaborative divorce process. However, we can recommend other attorneys to you who are trained and qualified in this area of law with whom we will collaborate to address your divorce issues.

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