Attorneys Helping Denver Families Resolve Cases Outside Of Court

Attorneys Helping Denver Families Resolve Cases Outside Of Court

At Littman Family Law, we are committed to helping people through divorce dispute resolutions in a manner that least impacts their children.

Avoiding Court

Resolving Cases Outside Of Court in Colorado

Whenever a dispute arises, parties are faced with the option of either handing the decision to a judge in a court of law or avoiding courts to reach a resolution through negotiations and arbitrators. Many parties benefit from avoiding court and are successful in settling their disputes.

Our expert lawyers are experienced in handling cases and negotiations outside of court by keeping the client’s best interest in mind. We ensure the conflict is efficiently resolved with both parties agreeing to the outcome and procedures.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution is one of the most effective means of avoiding court and resolving conflicts through negotiations. This certainly doesn’t indicate the process would not be a part of the legal system.

Often the court recommends parties resolve their conflict using alternative means before approaching the court. There are processes and rules that all parties have to adhere to in order to solve the conflict out-of-court successfully.

The main foundation of alternative dispute resolution is consent from both parties. It is impossible to avoid the court with only one party willing to do so. Both parties must consent to avoid court and agree to follow the outcome, rules, and processes.

Ways to Resolve Cases Outside of Court

There are multiple ways to avoid court and resolve the conflict, including:

  • Collaborative Law
  • Mediation and Arbitration
  • Parenting Coordinator
  • Decision-Makers
  • Early Neutral Assessment

When is Litigation the Right Option?

While negotiations conducted through experienced lawyers often lead to dispute resolutions without going to court in many cases, litigation might be a better option in certain cases, including:

  • Uncooperative Party: If the other party keeps refusing or stalling the negotiations, our lawyers would suggest taking the matter to court to resolve the dispute. This will also mean that all parties must supply evidence and information they might have held back during negotiations while avoiding court.
  • Need for Publicity and Openness: When you want to clear your name or publicize the other party’s behavior, going to court would be a better option than negotiating privately.
  • Fighting False Charges: In case you are a repeated victim of opportunism and false claims, it is best not to avoid court as this may help prevent others from targeting you again.
  • Legal Questions Settlement: If you need to set new precedents or decide the dispute based on legal norms, then litigation would be the best option.

Consult an Experienced Lawyer in Colorado

Avoiding court and settling disputes through negotiations is certainly possible when you have an experienced lawyer by your side. Our expert lawyers in Colorado can help you determine whether or not avoiding court is the right option for you.

After assessing your case, the nature of your dispute, the willingness of the other party to resolve the dispute, and other factors involved, our lawyers will determine the right alternative dispute resolution strategy to ensure the best outcome for you.

Littman Family Law‘s team of attorneys and paralegals are highly trained and are available to work with high-conflict families in any of these roles. To learn more about avoiding court, please contact us by calling 303-832-4200 or sending an email using our online form. Book your initial consultation today!

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