Denver Alimony Modification Attorney

Denver Alimony Modification Attorney

Littman Family Law’s alimony modification attorneys have the required attention to detail and thoroughness to represent you extensively in your modification review

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After going through a divorce, you may realize that your alimony needs have changed since the initial process. Your spousal support or maintenance order must cover your current lifestyle and living costs if they increase. Whether you are receiving too much or too little alimony, a Denver alimony modification attorney can help advise you on changing your spousal maintenance agreement to meet your current financial situation, as well as represent you in court.

At Littman Family Law, we are a responsive team of attorneys skilled at handling divorce cases and negotiating alimony settlements in which all parties can agree. Although divorce alimony can be a tense subject to breach, our team of lawyers labors to represent you and facilitate negotiations calmly and effectively. When you need a modification attorney, look no further than us for comprehensive representation and attention to detail to aid in your decree modification.

You can maintain your married lifestyle through alimony payments, but you also have the right for these payments to cover any emergencies and sudden life changes. If your monthly alimony check does not reflect that, an experienced divorce lawyer from Littman Family Law will negotiate a revision if you are eligible. Additionally, we have the necessary skill and education to review and represent cases in which clients require modifications of child support and spousal support after the divorce decree is final.

Alimony Modification in Denver, Colorado

As alimony in Denver typically covers the cost of living and other expenses for spouses who cannot fulfill their household’s financial needs, this also includes accidents and unexpected events that result in a significant change of finances. Alimony payments should match the quality of life you had while married and cover your cost of living to aid in your financial recovery after the divorce process.

To receive alimony modification in Denver, you first must meet eligibility requirements:

  • An increase or decrease of income: Changing your career, receiving a promotion, or a termination at your job may make you eligible to receive adjusted compensation as these events change your income level.
  • Changes in parenting-related expenses: Whether it’s a new addition to the family or your child is going to college, the costs of taking care of your children change all the time. These changes alone can make you eligible for modification of your spousal maintenance agreement.
  • Losing assets or property: Sudden, significant losses of assets or property due to a car accident or another traumatic life event are reasons for an alimony renegotiation. Severe damage inflicted on you or your property can set you back a considerable amount of money.

A divorce attorney at Littman Family Law will painstakingly investigate you or your ex-spouse’s assets as necessary to prove eligibility for the courts. From there, the court will determine whether a change in alimony is warranted.

The basis for modification relies on the fairness of the current maintenance agreement and its specific terms, regardless of the spousal maintenance type. In the case of remarrying, you may completely dissolve eligibility even if you suffer a significant financial loss. Other instances may justify extending the alimony payment duration, while smaller income increases do not make someone eligible for such changes.

Our team can renegotiate terms of spousal maintenance and adjust the duration and frequency of alimony payments if you aren’t satisfied with the current conditions. We can also help you request more alimony in response to your ex’s income increase to dissolve an unfair situation regarding alimony payment. We execute all asset investigations with a standard of fairness and intend to make the process as easy for you as possible.

Update Your Financial Support with a Denver Alimony Modification Attorney

As caring legal professionals, we provide a combination of experience, education, and compassion to make your alimony modification process in Denver as stress-free as possible. Throughout our 30 years in practice, we have successfully satisfied many of our clients with spousal maintenance agreements and have helped facilitate alimony renegotiation among numerous divorced couples. Our firm’s Denver alimony modification attorneys have the required attention to detail and thoroughness to represent you extensively in your modification review.

When you require a Denver alimony modification attorney to aid you in adjusting the spousal agreement of your divorce decree, the professionals at Littman Family Law are at your service to advise and assist you in the alimony modification process. Call our office today at 303-832-4200 to schedule an appointment to discuss changing the specifics of your alimony payments.

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